cant wait for natural selection to take out slow walkers 

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Ta-ku, I love you, Tokyo, 2013
How is it possible that my university break is already coming to an end and I’ve barely touched my assignments? #whoops  (at Shit Creek )

I was that anon about the boy/flirting thing. Thankyou so much! I was feeling super down today and that lifted my spirits. You are amazing. We are quite similar in asking 'what if' questions, liking picnics etc. I think I just need to be myself rather than a mould that society expects, which I think is why I'm nervous. I'm very inquisitive and should ask more questions more often and get to know people that way. Again, thankyou so much!! Xx

I’m so glad I could help even in the smallest way. Definitely forget what you think society expects of you, you’re amazing exactly as you are. Being inquisitive is one of my most valued qualities in a person so I say definitely express that! X

Oh Lou, you done good.
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