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Would You Rather | Sophie Seyd, Ariel Kaplan & agirlnamedally

I made a video with Ally and Ari go and check it out yaaaaaaaalllll. 

Anonymous asked:

I really want to start eating healthier, I already eat lots of fruit and veges etc since i'm vegetarian but cant seem to resist a some chocolate or cake (and not the 'good' kind) like every day! You seem to eat pretty healthy all the time! How do you do it? What tips do you have?

I believe in the 80/20 approach and definitely don’t eat ‘cleanly’ 100% of the time. I really enjoy nourishing food so eating healthy meals never feels like a chore. Don’t force yourself to do things because you feel you should, and never compare your habits to those of others. If indulging in some chocolate everyday helps you to make more wholesome choices the rest of the time and leaves you feeling happy at the end of the day, I’d say go for it with no regrets! Misery and guilt is way more destructive to your health than the cake itself.

Definitely check out brands like Loving Earth and Pana because they have amazing ‘treats’ that are not only good for your soul but good for your body and could be a great alternative on occasion.   

I also made a healthy Apple Cake recipe video you might wan’t to check out!

Sending good vibes your way. 

Thanks for having us @greenestreetjuice and thanks for the killer convos (as always) @agirlnamedally @roma_taylor @madelinebourke @ashleighlillian
Anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on piercings and where do you think are good places to get them? (eg ears, nose, etc) X

My opinion is irrelevant really! I think they are just another form of self expression, and everyone knows I love a bit of that.

As boring as it may be my favourite place to get piercings myself are the ears. I have two holes in each lobe, plus my rook on my right ear and the outside upper cartilage on my left.
I’ve also had my nose pierced (left nostril) several times in the past but end up getting sick of it pretty quickly each time.

My favourite are nose piercings (nostril and septum) as well as small and delicate lip piercings and nipple piercings. I think they can especially suit soft refined girly features because the grungy edge they add shows up like a contradiction, and I like that.

At the end of the day do whatever you want and be proud of it! It’s your body and you can choose to decorate it in anyway you like.

Anonymous asked:

your room is amaze!!! Could you post a photo of it? xx

Which room are you referring to? My bedroom in my family home? Or the bedroom in the studio apartment I am house sitting for a month? Thanks either way though :)

Good times, great classic hits. @alforbesy
Anonymous asked:

any rooftop bars you can recommend ?

Rooftop bar in Melbourne CBD

Anonymous asked:

In ally's video you said that you've worked loads of jobs, where have you worked? :)

Hahah I don’t want to just reel jobs off on a list so I’ll tell you my favourites. In no particular order: Gorman, Interflora head office, Boarders Books, BlendCo media and marketing team.