Healthy Apple Cake

Whipped this up for my Mum’s Birthday the other afternoon and it went down a treat. Seriously so delicious. 

Just did a massive sort of my inbox and I feel so clean and refreshed. 

Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm in year 12 and looking at uni options over yonder in the east :) are you studying at uni Melb? What is your opinion on its vibes ? And do you have any friends staying at colleges either at uni Melb or monash? Would live to hear personal opinions! Thanks:) x

I think I already answered this question? Correct me if I am wrong! X

Anonymous asked:

Sophie! What are your fav healthy food blogs/cookbooks/inspirations? X

Honestly I don’t really follow any healthy food blogs and I only own like one Vegan cookbook and I have literally never opened it. 

I mostly get inspiration from Instagram. I love TinaMads and Amy's feeds. 

In terms of recipes, I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and as a result mostly make up my own through trial and error. 

When it comes to inspiration I generally look to the people around me. My Naturopath Daniel and my friend Kathleen were two very big influences, particularly at the beginning of my ‘Health Journey’.

I am also obsessed with doing my own research. I have read some amazing books and watched very powerful documentaries on the power of Raw Food, Herbal Remedies, Chinese Medicine, Blood Types, the effects of a Plant Based Diet on our bodies and the world, Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality, Tantric Healing, Ayurvedic Medicine, the power of the mind and countless more health related topics. 

Should I make a list of books, movies and gurus I would recommend?