This photo was taken shortly after recovering from a terrible virus in China. I can’t describe how happy I was to upgrade (thanks Mum and Dad) to a hotel with clean beds, accessible internet and English speaking staff in Hong Kong after ten days lying in a dingy Beijing hostel room praying every night that I wasn’t dying of bird flue and attempting (failing) to venture out every morning to try and get some help. I think I only stood up for about sixty seconds to take this photo before collapsing in a heap again. Such a terrifying but rewarding experience. #traveltales

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Are you a Feminist?

I have addressed this conversation before but simply put, yes of course I am. I don’t know what Woman wouldn’t be? But I don’t know why everyone is always so obsessed with putting labels on things and putting people into boxes. 

Lena and Taylor pretty much sum up how I feel here.

Tangiers, MoroccoBy Cait Oppermann

How tall are you?


Hey Sop I am really bored what are some of your favourite shows or things to watch online?


These days I mostly just watch heaps of different YouTubers (Russell Brand’s channel The Trews is my obsession), David Attenborough series, TED Talks, Insight from SBS, Alan Watts, random documentaries and the occasional ‘no brainer’ flim when I just want to switch off.

Generally though .. I spend (waste) the majority of time online reading blogs and articles and flooding my brain with visual stimulus. I could seriously look at aesthetically pleasing images for hours on end. 

Oh my god I need this.
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