Does Alex Forbes have tumblr? X

Haha yeah she does, she still uses the account we first made and used to run together. Hope you’re not a creepy stalker cause you can find her here.

Are you keen for a boyfriend or are you not interested? I apologise for this sounding weird.

It all depends on the circumstance.

At the moment I am feeling really great with life in general .. so I guess you could say I am enjoying being single. More so the freedom and learning that comes with it, than the relationship status itself.

I have always loved companionship and the process of forming a bond and connecting to someone though - so I am really just open to whatever comes my way.

If I met the right person I wouldn’t hesitate .. but for the minute I am not really interested in being with someone for the sake of cuddles and conversation (I have plenty of friends who can provide that experience). If I’m single for another year or two I believe I will be perfectly happy living out a solo adventure!

As potentially naive and lame as this may sound .. I have a lot of trust that eventually I will share a great love with someone quite special and go on to live a glorious life.

Tips for transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle?

Make sure your cupboards are well stocked up and you’re eating enough daily! It’s easy to miss out on everything your body needs (including ample energy to burn) when you are first transitioning.

I would recommend seeking the guidance of a Naturopath especially if at any point you are not feeling great physically or mentally. Do lots of research. Watch all the documentaries and read all the books.

There are a lot of people around these days who adhere to quite extreme versions of a plant based diet. I’d personally recommend taking a balanced approach, particularly in the beginning. Once you’re settled and feeling comfortable, by all means experiment with what works for you personally!

Allow time for your body to adjust to the change. Don’t start some crazy ‘get healthy’ work out plan. Rest, recover and let your body heal. Laugh and sleep as much as possible.

As for ‘veganising’ the rest of your lifestyle. I’d say baby steps. Don’t be wasteful. Finish up all the cleaning products / beauty products you already own and just make sure you replace them with cruelty free, natural and environmentally friendly options. If you want to get rid of leather or wool clothing you own - please don’t bin it. Give it to friends or family or donate it to a charity shop.

A part of me can’t believe how two years has somehow flown by since I took this photo. The other part can’t believe how different I am to the girl who stood behind that lens. #Europe #2012

places to shop or recommended designers for formal attire ?

I don’t really know. ‘Formal’ is not really my forte. I’d probably get one of my talented friends to make me a dress of my own design. Or go vintage shopping. Or go and check out places like Incu and Green With Envy who stock multiple labels I like.

Whose that guy in that picture?

If you’re referring to my most recent Instagram photo .. That’s my friend Charlie. He’s a wizard. Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Do you have a boyfriend?


I just don’t understand how half the world is experiencing an obesity crisis while the other half starves to death.

hey there I love your instagram & tumblr! I'm going to Japan in november/december for a few weeks and was wondering if you could make some recommendations in regards to where you stayed/shopped/ate? Love your Japan photos!

Sorry I only just saw this message but I have a feeling it’s been in my inbox for a while. I’ll do a big post on it by the end of tonight, keep an eye out!

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

if you could transport yourself to any point in history, what would it be and who would you hang out with?

I would probably try and go back to the era in which humans decided it would be a smart idea to start developing, civilising and industrialising and I guess I would try and cosy up to the big dogs making all the decisions and warn them of the dangers environmentally and socially.

"Greetings! I am a time traveller from the year 2014. I come in peace. I bare a message of grave danger please hear my warning loud and clear: Your race is one of intelligence and ingenuity but you are simultaneously greedy, selfish and naive in nature. By all means I encourage you to grow, expand and create in the world around us, but please do so mindfully and with caution .. for with change comes sacrifice. If you venture down the path that leads to prosperity and power it will cost you dearly. You will end up trashing your beloved earth. By the year 2000 you will have dramatically altered both the ozone layer, atmosphere and core temperature of the entire planet, irreparably. In doing so you will ultimately create war and poverty and death and destruction and huge environmental losses. You will kill off entire species as well as endanger the lives of millions of innocent earthlings including your own kind. There will be fear and hatred and despair in masses. By 2014 the world will be in such a bad state that it will take something huge to even begin to turn it around. Do something now. Spread love, and peace and take only what you need from the earth. Share respectfully and be kind to all living things equally. Most importantly, never leave it up to others to make the necessary changes, do your part today so you don’t regret it tomorrow.”

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