Imagine if you were the baby on that Nirvana album cover

Feelings are really as insignificant as the weather. Today I walked in the rain, but I am not rain. Today I experienced sadness, but I am not sad.

  • Something you like happens: FATE!
  • Something you don't like happens: Just a coincidence.

I’m not a morning person

or a night time person

I don’t think I’m even a person 

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Current Australian politics has completely ruined political satire because there are no more jokes to make - politicians have implemented, acted out or turned every joke into a reality.

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Anonymous asked:

What's new? Give us a life update!

Jeeze, I feel like this year has been such a fast passed blur of experience I can’t even keep up (in the best way). A lot of new things have come about in the last few months in particular. I literally wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Anonymous asked:

What's your favourite food?

Probably Veggie Stir Fry, Fruit Salad or Popcorn.


Ugh. Kids these days. With their taste in things that’s different than my taste in things was when I was their age due to the ever-evolving media landscape and constantly growing range of options and things that have nothing to do with their intelligence or anything going down hill. Get off my lawn.

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